Welcome to RS22’s News feed! If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably heard us use the term #HumansBeforeTechnology.

So in this post we’re going to explain what we mean by #HumansBeforeTechnology.

Most people don’t need an explanation, but occasionally there are some who want to understand the concept from more than the obvious angle.

Let’s begin.

Humanity is a core part of the reason that RS22 was founded in the first place. Throughout his career running the Technical Desks of several large cyber security companies, Founder and MD Rich Smith began to recognise a disturbing pattern in how was how ‘machine-like’ some business interactions were becoming.

It was most noticeable when companies went through merger’s or corporate buy-outs that shifted the business focus away from happy staff working together to create solutions and began to place greater emphasis on every other metric than the wellbeing of the Humans doing the work on the Technology. Be it a race to the bottom on budgets, a lack of investment in staff training, quick turnovers or anything else that placed Humanity behind the interests of shareholders. All this was gradually chipping away at the Humanity holding businesses together.

And so, Rich decided to create a business where the well being of the staff and customers, the Humans, was placed directly on par with the Technology goals of the to the business. A company where Humanity was recognised as the distinguishing factor between Good and Great business conduct.

And so RS22 was born.

It is true that any Technology can, and often does, make Human lives easier. The need to keep that Technology secure from malicious agents is a constant concern, and the reason we make your business secure is not simply to make the Technology happy. It is because the happiness of your Customers, your Suppliers, your Shareholders, and even your families waiting at home, all depend on your business running smoothly.

However, for some people, the real explanation of #HumansBeforeTechnology becomes clear when the the two poles are reversed; the moment at which Technology stops making the lives of Humans easier. The moment at which Technology comes Before Humans.

Surprisingly, the idea that it takes a thriving sense of Humanity to make a Technology company a success could easily appear to run counter to the logic of the modern world, where Technology is placed upon a pedestal far above the considerations of Humans, or the expectation that Humans must strive towards some impossibly perfect Technological system regardless of the Human consequences.

RS22 aren’t content simply to work with your business because of our expertise, our dedication, our Cyber Security know-how, our fair pricing, or even because we will protect your businesses from #DataBandits to the best of our ability, despite our interest in being the best in each of these fields in the Cyber Security industry.

We want to ensure that in the day-to-day encounters between the Humans in your business and the Humans in ours, that we can leave each other’s day slightly brighter.

How do you do this?

One of the many ways RS22 puts #HumansBeforeTechnology is to ensure that you are connected to the same dedicated Technical Engineers on every Support Call. This means you don’t have to explain your business model for the umpteenth time or wait for someone to get up to speed with the particulars of your network before getting to work on a solution. Instead you can have a chat with the same people that you already have a relationship with, and make progress straight away. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, check back for a more comprehensive list. Or don’t wait and, Talk To A Human, to find out right now for yourself.

Humans are the glue that hold businesses, societies and even nations together. Truly remarkable things happen when we collaborate with a mutual trust and respect for one another. The ability of the Humans within RS22 to assist in the protection of your business is maximised when we engage with the Human on the other side of the screen as exactly that. A Human.

Reliable. Secure.


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