Formerly responsible for managing the Service Desks at two Internationally successful Cyber Security companies, Rich Smith has over 15 years’ experience in resolving customers’ IT Security matters. During this time he and his teams were able to hit 100% of SLA’s. Rich founded RS22 so he could continue to deliver the top class support he’s founded his career on and maintain the unique personal touch that still makes business relationships so successful in our modern world.

Therefore, by allocating a named technical account manager to your support package, you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with someone who gets to know your network as well as you do. Our goal is to help businesses mitigate both exterior and insider cyber threats using the best technologies in the industry whilst striving to excel ourselves on the levels of service we provide.

We firmly believe that compassion doesn’t have to be absent in the IT Industry, and as RS22 offer a full welcoming, professional service that those working in the IT sector deserve, you’ll never need to feel like you’re on your own.

About Us

Founded with a vision to bring back a personal touch to IT and Cyber Security Services, Rich Smith – Managing Director, wanted to add a sorely needed personal touch to the highest possible levels of service available.


It’s Our Business to make Your Business Secure

Our founding was inspired by an important vision; to provide exceptional levels of service in an often cold and transactional industry.

After working in the Information Security industry from the early days, Rich Smith, RS22’s founder and MD, recognized that the priority of Information Security companies was shifting away from personal relationships and quality customer service toward more generic services based on high volumes.


Our approach is different.

We provide designated technical staff to your account, who grow with your business over time, becoming familiar with your team and the unique subtleties of your network.

We know that money is the life-blood of a business, so we endeavour to maintain fair and reasonable prices at all times.

We also know Data and Information Technologies are the communication systems of a business and attacks upon them can be fatal to any organisation.

We believe it’s possible, nay, essential for a business to have both excellent personal service and excellent results.



Research (and our direct experience) has repeatedly demonstrated that focusing on effective Human business relationships means we can resolve problems more quickly whilst creating a positive problem-solving atmosphere with all involved.

Fundamentally, the Human element is not going away any time soon, despite the influx of AI solutions, and it is of paramount importance to ensure that the customer service provided is proactively considered when implementing any technological solution within an organisation.

And this is why we put Humans Before Technology.

A word about our founders...

Rich Smith

(Managing Director)

Rich Smith founded RS22 with Aaron Matthews in 2017.


RS22 allows Rich to continue to deliver the world class support he’s spent his career providing and ensure that this dedication to high-quality isn’t only found in the Technical Department.


Rich’s ethos provides an environment which allows interpersonal relationships to flourish so that business relationships can flourish too.


In his impressive career, Rich has managed the technical teams for some of the UK’s largest Information Security businesses and is proud to have maintained a flawless record delivering 100% of the SLAs over nearly two decades.

Case Study

Stephens & George Ltd

Stephens & George Ltd is the market leading sheet fed printing company in the UK, producing high quality Magazines and Brochures for over 1500 businesses. Such as programmes for UK sporting clubs, the London Olympics, West End shows and even a Royal Wedding or two…

The staff at RS22 are here

To help professionals in Information Security

By acting an extension of your IT team

To mitigate or eliminate cyber threats for businesses

By provding the highest possible levels of technical and customer services

To stand with you against the Cyber Threats that organisations are facing today

By allocating you with a named Technical Account Managers so your Support knows Your Network as well as you do.

What some of our clients have to say…

What some of our clients say…

Reliable. Secure.


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