Formerly responsible for managing the Service Desks at two Internationally successful Cyber Security companies, Rich Smith has over 15 years’ experience in resolving customers’ IT Security matters. During this time he and his teams were able to hit 100% of SLA’s. Rich founded RS22 so he could continue to deliver the top class support he’s founded his career on and maintain the unique personal touch that still makes business relationships so successful in our modern world.

Therefore, by allocating a named technical account manager to your support package, you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with someone who gets to know your network as well as you do. Our goal is to help businesses mitigate both exterior and insider cyber threats using the best technologies in the industry whilst striving to excel ourselves on the levels of service we provide.

We firmly believe that compassion doesn’t have to be absent in the IT Industry, and as RS22 offer a full welcoming, professional service that those working in the IT sector deserve, you’ll never need to feel like you’re on your own.

A word about our founders...

Rich Smith

(Managing Director)

Rich Smith founded RS22 with Aaron Matthews when they recognised that Humanity in the Information Security industry was waning and wanted to start something to reverse the trend.


Setting up RS22 has allowed Rich to continue to deliver the world class support he’s spent his career providing but also to ensure that this high professional attitude isn’t only found on the Technical Desk. Rich’s ethos provides an environment which allows interpersonal relationships to flourish so that business relationships can flourish too.


In his impressive career, Rich has managed the technical teams for some of the UK’s largest Information Security businesses and is proud to have maintained a flawless record delivering 100% of the SLAs over nearly two decades.

Aaron Matthews

(Sales Manager)

Aaron Matthews wanted to be a salesman from his school days. A force of nature, Aaron is the epitome of candid honesty and roguish charm. His impressive professional successes are down to two factors: Honesty and Mutual Benefit.


He’ll do whatever it takes to help your business achieve its goal when it comes to Information Security and uses his extensive knowledge and connections in the industry to find the right solutions at the right prices.


Aaron has a Human tendency to turn the air blue with language that could make a sailor blush, but he’ll be polite as pie if you’ve got a sensitive disposition. There’s only one way to judge for yourself, and that’s to have a chat with him, Human to Human.

About Us

  • We make the work of Humans in Information Security less stressful and more productive
  • We are an #ExtensionOfYourITTeam
  • We help mitigate cyber threats for businesses by discovering the best Technologies available in a vast and complicated industry
  • We provide the highest possible technical and customer services from our knowledgeable, competent, and friendly team
  • We offer a full welcoming, professional service that Humans need, regardless of their position or experience.
  • We’re stand with you against the almost inevitable attacks from #DataBandits that organisations of all sizes are facing today. You don’t have to go it alone.
  • We allocate you with a named Technical Account Managers so you can talk with the same members of the team, skipping the process of first- and second-line support and getting you directly to the people that know your network as well as you do.

Greetings! We are #HumansBeforeTechnology.


Allow us to jump into the concept of what “#HumansBeforeTechnology” means and why it’s a big deal here at RS22.


Essentially, it emphasises the crucial importance of prioritising high-quality interpersonal interactions and relationships within a business setting.


Research indicates that focusing on effective inter-Human services and communications leads to more harmonious and productive work environments. By quickly resolving conflicts and fostering positive atmospheres, businesses can improve the overall efficiency and boost team morale.

It’s worth noting that despite the numerous technological advancements in the modern era, it is still Human beings who ultimately make decisions and operate these crucial Technological tools.


As such, its paramount to ensure that the Human element is considered when implementing any Technological solution within an organisation.

Although our reliance on Technology continues to grow, so too does the need for increased protection and security in the digital sphere.

By prioritizing Human relationships and inter-personal skills, we can foster a work environment in which protective Technologies in Information Security can continue to evolve and improve, unimpeded by simple Human issues such as trust or misunderstanding.


So, to us at least, “#HumansBeforeTechnology” is about acknowledging the vital role Humans play in driving success in the workplace. By placing a focus on the needs and perspectives of Humans first, organizations can create more positive, efficient, and technologically advanced working environments.

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